How to look younger with JUVÉDERM®

Lately, when you look into a mirror, have you noticed subtle changes in your facial appearance? Do you see less fullness in your cheeks, thinning in your lips and deepening lines around your nose and mouth? These changes may occur due to environmental factors, genetics or a part of the normal aging process.  Juvederm Product Overview

Fortunately, our office carries the JUVÉDERM® Collection of ...

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Suspicious Mole Removed from Mother of Four

A young mother of four from Ketchikan, Alaska visited our clinic today to see Heather Haberman, my Physician Assistant. She was concerned about a mole that had been on her right cheek since she was a child. Over time, the mole had noticeably grown and changed in color, causing her and her family to be concerned.

Our inspection determined that the mole was 6 milometers in diameter, raised, smooth and fairly uniform in color with tan and beige in certain areas.

When ...

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Hard-Working Dad Experiences Quick Turn Around After Eyelid Surgery in Our State of the Art Ambulatory Surgery Center

A Spanish-speaking, hard-working father of two little children came to visit our clinic last week and saw one of my physician assistants. He had a swollen, painful walnut-sized bump on his right eyelid under his eyebrow that was obstructing his vision and disrupting his work. He wanted this disfiguring bump removed, but had no insurance. So, our office reviewed his case in order to treat him with as little out-of-pocket cost as possible.

I wanted to get him back to work ...

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