Sunscreen: What you need to know

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We are going to recommend some tips that will help you decide which sunscreen is right for you and still approved by your dermatologist.

Skin Safety Tips for Independence Day

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Damage to the skin caused by the sun, grilling accidents, fireworks, and campfires is all too common this time of year. Here are some simple precautions to take so you can celebrate safely.

My AAD Conference

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Now, the prognosis of melanoma is judged by its thickness. More than 4 millimeters, about half the width of your fingernail, means a 90% death rate in a few years.

Learning about Eczema

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This is all quite counter-intuitive and puzzling. Generally, better living conditions make you more at risk of eczema?

A Sad Story

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An Australian patient of mine, who married an American woman and settled close to the clinic, developed skin cancer two years ago on his left ear.

Thinking Outside the Box

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Recently, he referred a patient in his early 60s. This patient had seen two dermatologists prior, in addition to his internal medicine physician, one who prescribed a corticosteroid and the other blew him off.

Mohs Surgery and the Lady…

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While listening to her heart, I noted that the heartbeats were not steady. I asked her about this and she stated that her heart rate was normal and that she was not on any medication to regularize her heart rate…

A Patient Who Cried

One routine Monday morning, I came into Examination Room 5 to perform a full skin exam on Bob, the father of a young former patient I treated a decade ago for Morphea…