Radio Frequency Micro-Needling

Woman getting a RFMN treatment | Dermatology of Seattle

What makes RFMN different than regular micro-needling?

Traditional micro-needling uses tiny electrodes to cause micro wounds, which helps encourage new skin to grow. RFMN utilizes micro-needling and radio-frequencies that penetrate deeper into the skin to regenerate and contract collagen and elastin fibers.

Combining micro-needling and radio frequency of these treatments provides amazing, lasting results with no surgery, no downtime, and immediate improvements that you will notice!

Legend Pro RFMN machine

Legend Pro RFMN machine

There are a number of RFMN machines, why choose the Legend Pro from Lumensis?

There are 3 major reasons when we decided to bring RFMN to our patients, we chose the Legend Pro over other machines.

 1) Results! That’s the first reason. We have seen some amazing results from this machine and that is what we all care about right? Why not bring the best to our patients? There are a number of patent, and patent pending processes that only Lumensis has and the results really speak for themselves. More on that down below…

2) Durability. This is a huge one! The more issues and downtime a machine suffers from, the less we are able to use it to treat our patients. We have been using Lumensis equipment for years now and it’s reliability is unmatched.

3) Lastly, and perhaps most importantly. SmoothGlo! If you’re not familiar with SmoothGlo it’s a two step process that utilizes our Legend Pro Radio Frequency Micro-Needling (RFMN) machine AND our Lumensis M22 IPL machine which work in harmony to reverse signs of aging. Yes, you read that right. This new process actually firms, smooths, and brightens the skin. It’s clinically proven, it works in 3-4 treatments and there’s little to no pain or downtime. If SmoothGlo has you excited as we were when we first saw results, click the link below to learn more.