Financial Policy:

As a courtesy we will file your insurance claim on your behalf, but medical insurance is an agreement entered into by you and your insurance carrier, you are ultimately responsible for knowing the specifics of what your policy covers. We will not become involved in disputes between you and your insurance company regarding coverage and/or policy benefit criteria, i.e. deductibles, non-covered service, coordination of benefits. You are responsible for all copayments at time of service. Any patient financial responsibility due after your insurance processes the claim must be paid in full upon receipt of your first statement. If there is not a timely response, your account may be referred for third-party collection action and you may be prohibited from continuing care at our office.


Self-Pay Policy:

You must check out at the front desk after each appointment to pay any balance due in full. If you do not check out at the front desk, the credit card used for the deposit will be charged for the remainder of the balance.


Ambulatory Surgery Center Policy:

The provider performing the procedure and the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) will both submit claims for surgeries done in the ASC. Procedures in the ASC are processed as out-patient surgery by insurers. You are responsible for both the facility and professional fees associated with the surgery.


Pathology and Lab Policy:

Any tissue removed will be sent for pathology, if further testing is required, your specimen may be sent to an outside laboratory. You will receive separate billings from the laboratory performing the service. You are responsible to notify us if your insurance company requires you to use a particular lab.


Refund Policy:

We do not offer refunds or exchanges for services or products purchased.


Cancellation Policy:

We require 24-hour notice of cancellations. Missed visits may result in a $100.00 fee and missed surgeries may result in a $250.00 fee. If you miss 2 appointments, you may be prohibited from continuing care at our office.


Returned Check Policy:

Any returned check from the bank for non-payment will result a $50.00 fee.


Credit Card Policy:

A surcharge of 3% will automatically be added to all Credit Card payments.  Alternatively, you may wish to pay by cash or debit to avoid the fee.  The fee is applied to all platforms and payment methods