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Recently, a 77-year-old gentleman (accompanied by his ex-wife) came into our clinic seeking treatment for a growth on his right ear. He had been seen at the CHI Franciscan Urgent Care Clinic in Burien, and they referred him to us for urgent treatment. Within 48 hours, he was undergoing treatment in our clinic.

Even though the patient’s growth had been on the top of his right ear for six months, he thought it would eventually go away on its own. However, the growth continued growing and even began bleeding at times. Eventually, he tried removing it on his own, but it bled profusely, causing him to stop his attempt.

Once in our clinic, we immediately removed the lesion under local anesthesia and sent it for a quick examination in our own lab. Within 30 minutes, we were able to inform him that he had a rapidly growing giant squamous cell cancer with the potential to metastasize. His ex-wife immediately broke into tears, but we reassured her that he had an excellent chance of recovery under our care, although he would need to have his lymph nodes examined as soon as possible.

Instead of doing Mohs Micrographic Surgery, he chose to have the lesion treated with Electronic Brachytherapy in our clinic, which can rid him of the lesion in 8 to 10 simple 3-minute treatments (as opposed to other clinics or hospitals requiring 30 to 40 visits).  Needless to say, after a consultation with my associate, Dr. James Brashears, he was eager to begin treatment.  And, as an added bonus, Medicare covered his entire treatment.

Lesson: Please seek immediate treatment for abnormal growths, even if you are convinced you are not in danger.  Only a professional can know for certain if your growth is benign or not.

Ease your mind; contact us at 206-248-5020 (Burien) or  425-455-5111 (Bellevue) for any abnormal growth you have.


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