My AAD Conference

image of people at a medical conference

Now, the prognosis of melanoma is judged by its thickness. More than 4 millimeters, about half the width of your fingernail, means a 90% death rate in a few years.

Learning about Eczema

a graphic that spells eczema in blocks

This is all quite counter-intuitive and puzzling. Generally, better living conditions make you more at risk of eczema?

Thinking Outside the Box

a graphic of a tumor on a microscopic level

Recently, he referred a patient in his early 60s. This patient had seen two dermatologists prior, in addition to his internal medicine physician, one who prescribed a corticosteroid and the other blew him off.

Suspicious Mole Removed

Moles on the back of a woman.

A young mother of four from Ketchikan, Alaska visited our clinic today to see Heather Haberman, my Physician Assistant. She was concerned…