Hard-Working Dad Experiences Quick Turn Around

A child holding a hand of its father.

A Spanish-speaking, hard-working father of two little children came to visit our clinic last week and saw one of my physician assistants. He had a swollen, painful, walnut-sized bump on his right eyelid under his eyebrow that was obstructing his vision and disrupting his work. He wanted this disfiguring bump removed but had no insurance. So, our office reviewed his case in order to treat him with as little out-of-pocket cost as possible.

I wanted to get him back to work as soon as possible, so our nurse performed an evaluation of his general health. Then, I met with him to explain the procedure in detail, telling him there would be some swelling afterward, but that we could put in two forms of absorbable suture underneath and on top. That way, he would not need to return to the clinic and have to miss work. Afterward, we scheduled him in our surgery clinic for treatment the next day.

When he arrived for his appointment, we brought him back to our ambulatory surgery center, where we performed the surgery under local anesthesia. Then, we put in one running absorbable Vicryl suture underneath (aligning it with his lower brow in order to hide the scar), followed by an observable thin got suture on top.

A week later, we followed up with him to find out how he was feeling and to let him know that the bump turned out to be an inflamed cyst. He was extremely grateful!

It is very gratifying to help such patients.

Our State of the Art Ambulatory Surgery Center

Our Ambulatory Surgery Center was built in our current location in 2009. We just had a recertification at the highest possible level via the Washington State Department of Health.


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