Healing after Skin Cancer Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide to Recovery

Digital illustration of a cross-section of skin tissue. The upper layer of the skin is depicted with a wavy contour, beneath which a layer of round, pink cells resembling the dermis is visible. Droplets of moisture are shown descending onto the skin's surface, suggesting hydration or skincare treatment.

As experts in dermatological care, we understand the nuances and complexities involved in skin cancer treatment. We’ll provide a general timeline for the healing process, helping you set realistic expectations for your recovery. Additionally, you’ll find immediate post-surgery care instructions, which are essential in ensuring a safe and effective healing journey. Types of Cancer on […]

Thinking Outside the Box

a graphic of a tumor on a microscopic level

Recently, he referred a patient in his early 60s. This patient had seen two dermatologists prior, in addition to his internal medicine physician, one who prescribed a corticosteroid and the other blew him off.

Never Wait

An old person looking in the distance

Recently, a 77-year-old gentleman (accompanied by his ex-wife) came into our clinic seeking treatment for a growth on his right ear…

Suspicious Mole Removed

Moles on the back of a woman.

A young mother of four from Ketchikan, Alaska visited our clinic today to see Heather Haberman, my Physician Assistant. She was concerned…