Now Recruiting Participants
for Clinical Research

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research is a key part of how new medical breakthroughs are discovered. Participants are important to help researchers find new cures and treatments. With a trained and experienced research staff, Dermatology of Seattle and Bellevue are dedicated to advancing science.

We are seeking participants who:

  • Are willing and able to travel for regular visits at Dermatology of Seattle or Bellevue
  • Are healthy with no history of tuberculosis (TB), HIV or Hepatitis B or C
  • Have normal or controlled high blood pressure (with medication)
  • Do not have serious or long-lasting liver or heart conditions
  • Are at least 18 years old, or have a guardian who will approve and come with the minor on visits

As a participant in one of our clinical trials, you:

  • Will receive compensation for your time and scientific contribution
  • Will help find better cures and treatments for future patients
  • May benefit from free medical and lab results, that may help to direct your future care
  • May benefit by using a new research treatment, and depending on the trial, you may be chosen to extend the use of the treatment(s) at no or reduced cost
  • Will have 24-hour emergency access and support by our research team and providers
  • May also qualify for discounts on suggested skin-care products in our office

Here are our current clinical studies:

We respect your right to decline participation in any trial at any time. This will not affect your regular or extended care with us. You have the right to decline participation in any trial if you feel they are not right for you.

By signing up for our Research Participant Registry, you are letting us know you are interested in learning more. If you are a good fit for a trial, we will contact you.

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