I am very satisfied with my first appointment with Dr Levy. Everyone was professional while also being friendly and very helpful. I have hope now that I will find relief from the skin condition that has been lingering for months. I would recommend Dr Levy.

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Joan H.

Heather gave me the most thorough and professional skin screening that I have ever had. She is an excellent PA and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a skin screening. She took several biopsies and I will get the results soon.

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David S.

I saw Johnathan Cyphers, he was kind and excellent. He quickly diagnosed my issue, proscribed the appropriate medication and then asked me how I was and told me about his recent trip to Africa. It was very nice to be seen by a competent Dr. who is also a good and kind person/friend.

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Alexander V.

Came in and out of the office in less than an hour. The doctor, who are really good at recogizing faces, knew my history and quicky diagnosed me. This discussion lasted a mere 15min and I walked out of there with knowledge of my condition and what to do!

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A Patient Who Cried

One routine Monday morning, I came in to Examination Room 5 to perform a full skin exam on Bob, the father of a young former patient I treated a decade ago for Morphea – a skin hardening condition. Prior to beginning, Bob thanked me for diagnosing his daughter’s condition, and I expressed my appreciation for his gratitude.

During the exam, we discovered a few suspicious moles, but thankfully, no skin cancers were detected. Nevertheless, he did request removal of a fatty ...

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